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January 2013

It's morning. I haven't posted in forever, but I feel like sitting and collecting my thoughts, so here I am.

It's a very dark day today, and I am short on sleep, as usual, or as usual lately anyway. I think I got to sleep around three and my alarm went off at 6:30.

So what do I want to do today? Well, there's the usual laundry/dishes/tidying, of course. I think I'll start with watering the plants and making coffee, the unload, reload and run the dishwasher and put stuff away in the kitchen and living room. Then I'll see about laundry. I really need to take the stepladder upstairs and reorganize the linen closet, too. Then I can get the pile of linens on the dresser put away. And then there's the horrible mess in the library, but I think I will wait until David gets home and make him help clean it up, since he's the one who made most of it in the first place.

What do I want to eat for breakfast? I had a double handful of broken tortilla chips while I was packing David's lunch, but that's not a proper breakfast and I'm still hungry.


1. Make coffee/water plants
2. Check to see if yogurt is still good. If yes, eat that, if not, toss and make oatmeal
3. Empty Roomba and dishwasher while breakfast is cooking, run both
4. Eat food, drink coffee
5. Decide whether awake enough to drive. If yes, take dog and go to writing workshop and run errands. If no, clear table, start a load of laundry, and take a nap.
6. Regroup after getting back or waking up.

That sounds good for starters. Later all.

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What is so rare as a Friday in June?
Woman at work
It is a gorgeous day. I've been to David's school to get my iPhone back (*grumble*), picked up some groceries and put most of them away, unloaded and run the dishwasher empty and started a load of laundry. I'm feeling a bit stressy, so I am sitting down and reminding myself that just because I have a few things that need doing doesn't mean I have to do every one of them right now. I'll hang out the laundry when this batch is ready, load and re-run the dishwasher when it's done, and there's no rush on cleaning the dining room table or scrubbing the floor where the stove used to be, so long as I get them done before time to start dinner (i.e. 17:00 or so).


And I just took a couple of phone calls from Kathy and made myself lunch, totally forgetting that I was in the middle of posting. So I shall hit "send" now, then eat lunch and watch the "Magic Mike" trailer Kathy sent me the link to. Later all.

Wednesday morning
And it's been ages since I last posted. I think if I did the first sentence of the first post of each month meme for 2011, there'd be a couple of months of "...".

But anyway, it's a beautiful day. David & I are both up, dressed, and breakfasted (scrambled eggs and decaf coffee), and he's off to school. I've got the dishwasher running and the table cleared and I'm about to go upstairs and grab the laundry for today's load. I ran the Roomba on the middle floor last night, as as soon as I am done with this, I shall go get it, empty its bin, and run it down here. Then with laundry laundering and Roomba running, I shall be done with the basement for a while.

The house is fairly tidy these days. I feel like I can actually devote energy to something else now, like maybe re-acquiring a social life. I'm looking at my shul's list of committees with an eye to joining one (maybe Adult Ed?), and I want to start attending choir practice again (4 PM on Sundays). I might or might not go to Arisia, waffling on that. I think I might step back and let Adam attend the weekend portion and I'll take his membership and go in on Monday. I am planning on starting to go to OA again, though, starting with tomorrow's meeting in Weymouth.

Once I've got the basement dealt with, I think I will dig out my embroidery supplies and work on something. The only housekeeping things on my to do list for today are finding and dealing with the last of the wrapping paper from Chanukah and cleaning out the fridge, so I definitely have time to play with colors for a while.


And the laundry is gathered and going, so now all I need to do is hit "Post" (and synch my iPhone), grab the Roomba and I'm done for a bit. I figure I'll clean out the fridge just before lunchtime, since I have to go in there to get food anyway. Later all.

Woman at work

Down, down, down into the darkness of the grave
Gently they go, the beautiful, the tender, the kind;
Quietly they go, the intelligent, the witty, the brave.
I know. But I do not approve. And I am not resigned.

working my way towards being sad. Right now I am very angry and very very tired.

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I aten't dead
Woman at work

I can't believe I didn't post for an entire month. Well, the story of my summer was: June I don't remember, July I had killer insomnia plus a few less socially acceptable problems, August I spent recovering from them and sering varios medical professionals, and then last week I had a bad cold and Adam had the flu. I started feeling human again round about Mondsy, and now it's erev Rosh Hashana and I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee and an apple and pondering my day.

I had Dabid ready for school and putside when the bus came, and he & I cleared the table after breakfast. All I have for dishes to wash is the stockpot I used to make a batch of applesaice yesterday, and that's because it needed to soak overnight.

I have a schedule now. Monday is recovery from the weekend day. Did that. Tuesday is therapy day. Did that. Wednesday is mopping day, so I'm going to do the downstairs bathroom and laundry room and then go to the Dedham Farmer's Market. When I get back from that, the serious cooking starts.

It's 11:00. I need to be back by three to get David from the bus, but earlier would be better. The farmer's market is about half an hour away, so really the latest I could leave would be 1:30. Even though I fully intend to finish my apple and coffee before starting on the bathroom, I am unworried. It's a small bathroom and I could have it military inspection ready in half an hour. So anyway…

1. Finish apple & coffee
2. Change litterboxes
3. Mop floor around litterboxes
4. Fold dry laundry, put wet laundry in dryer (it's supposed to rain this afternoon), start another load of laundry washing and take folded laundry upstairs
5. Wipe down washer, dryer, bathroom sink
6. Empty wastebaskets and take out trash
8. Head to farmer's market

That should do for the morning/early afternoon

Oh, when Shadow disappeared in June, we didn't see hide nor hair of him until two weeks ago. Since then he's been back and then left again twice. I'm trying to feed him up with gooshyfood whenever I see him in hopes that he'll come home more often.

Anyway, I'm almost done my coffee, so l'shana tova and I'll catch you on the flipside.

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Woman at work

Weatherbug says it's on forty-some percent humidity. I don't believe them. I'm already short of breath and it's only 10:30.

So far I've driven David to school (we missed the bus), put a load of laundry in the dryer and another in the washer, fed and watered the chickens and gathered eggs, and loaded and run the dishwasher. Now I'm up in my lovely airconditioned bedroom contemplating breakfast. I fixed myself a bowl of Greek yogurt with oats & things, but I'm having trouble convincing myself to eat it. Yogurt should be reasonably easy on my stomach, though.

I feel lousy. Perimenopause sucks.

David and I are going to be holing up in the bedroom when he comes home from school, although I plan on making forays out to get stuff done. I had wanted to make a concentrated push to get stuff done in the cool of the morning, but 1) there is no cool of the morning, and 2) I feel lousy.

There. Done with breakfast. Next foray out, I put away clean dishes and make more Stomach Soother tea, as well as a pitcher of lemonade for David. But right now I am reclining and guiltily enjoying the coolth.

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Woman at work


I'm up, I'm dressed, I have breakfast (a bowl of Greek yogurt, raisins, pepitas, and honey), David's off to school, and I am contemplating my day. I'm almost caught up on the dishes, so after I toggle the laundry, I shall set to work on getting that squared away, and then I'll deal with the kitchen floor.

1. Finish breakfast
2. Load & run dishwasher with dairy dishes
3. Fold laundry in dryer and throw in more *
4. Put away clean dishes
5. Hand wash fleishig & pareve dishes
6. Tidy up middle floor
7. Wash kitchen floor
8. Change litterboxes and take out trash
9. Give downstairs bathroom a once-over
10. Ditto upstairs bathroom
11. Take folded laundry upstairs for sorting
12. If time, start sorting laundry, if not, get David from bus and break for lunch

It's nice getting up in the morning feeling like I could actually accomplish something for once. I've been in a funk for over a week. Possibly the quasi-Buddhist meditation I did last night to clear my mind helped. **

OK, finished writing the footnotes, it's 08:41, and time to get moving.


*. I usually hang out laundry and it's a perfect drying day today, but due to circumstances beyond my control, one end of my laundry line is no longer attached to the ground.

**. Only quasi- because I don't actually know all that much about Buddhist meditation, just that one is supposed to still one's thoughts and that sometimes a mantra helps. I ran through a couple, but I'm pretty sure I fell asleep with Alan Rickman telling me to clear my mind (and I haven't even seen that movie yet).


09:45. Done through #4. Now for some dishwasing…

11:03. Done #5, working on #6-7.

11:36. #6 and #9 done for now, now for #7, 8, 10. *whew*

12:10. Laundry sorted, #10 and #11 done, all I need to do is change catboxes, get David from the bus, eat lunch, and SHOWER!

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First day of summer school 2011

It's Monday. David is off to school and I am lying on my bed with a purring Hoover on my chest, contemplating awakeness. Top of today to do list: Pet the cat.

Driving in Boston is evil. The Southest expressway is evil. The GPS on my iPhone is very evil.

But we all made it home in one piece last might, so all is good.

I need coffee, but how can I disturb a Hoover?

Brain is not braining. More later.

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Last day of school 2011
Woman at work

OK. I took David to the optometrist and back, we've been home for half an hour, and all I've done is change into work clothes, drink coffee, and ponder my to do list. It isn't that bad, really it isn't. I just seem to be down with a severe case of inertia.

I need to:

1. Feed David lunch
2. Fold & put away laundry
3. Remake bed
4. Pack for weekend
5. Clean out & pack car
6. Change catboxes
7. Take out trash
8. Put out food & water for cats & chickens

David's prescription hasn't changed anything like as much as I expected. The doctor suggested that the reason he can't see very well is the fact that his glasses are really beat up, but he's actually gotten less nearsighted. His new glasses are now on order and should be in next week.

Summer school starts right off on Monday. Blah. Usually they let us have a werk off. And this year it's only half days - which at least means I'll finally be able to sigm him up for swimming lessons.

And in other news, we haven't seen Shadow in over a week. I'm still hoping he will come back, but I am becoming more convinced that he won't. I do still plan to go door to door and ask, but I am not optimistic.

But anyway, we need to be on the road by 24:30, so I'd better get going.

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